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Agni Entertainment's prime focus is the production, promotion and distribution of independent film, theatre projects. Agni also aims to spread its wings into the arenas of media management and entertainment news. Its goal is to establish the missing links in the south Asian film industry outside of Asia and eventually create a thriving, stand-alone film industry in countries outside the Asian sub-continent.

About our CEO

Prakash Mohandas is a dancer, instructor, actor, musician, filmmaker, philanthropist and a successful entrepreneur. He is the founder of Agni Dance, the first Bollywood dance company and academy in Austin. He is also the founder and CEO of Agni Entertainment, a film and theater company which produces, promotes and distributes independent film and theater projects globally.
Prakash produced and starred in Om Shanti, Texas's first large scale Bollywood musical. He has created productions such as 'Lanka' and has also recently created a touring production that brings together Physics and Dance called ' Strings of Time'.  In 2017 Prakash was responsible for creating a touring Broadway style musical project called 'Disco Deewane' which was well received which was followed by a very unique site-specific Bollywood musical called ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’.
In the arena of film, Prakash has been successful in producing a series of short films that have been featured at various film festivals and a feature film called 'Food for thought'  that is now available online on Amazon Prime. He is currently working on the ‘Film Asia Fund’ that will fund multiple mainstream South Asian feature films and a global film talent search called ‘Khoj’ that aims at discovering film professionals working on south Asian films made outside of India and giving them opportunities in mainstream feature film projects.
Prakash is also involved in philanthropic projects namely Danscribe - a movement that aims to create a language for dance through Braille and also supports various other non-profits. He serves on the board of numerous other entrepreneurial and cultural organizations in Austin. Prakash was recently featured by Roshni Media in their book called 'Global and Emerging Leaders' recognizing him as one of the top hundred emerging South Asian Leaders under the futurist’s category

Prakash also currently has his hands full with a gamut of new projects which include a 3 part fantasy novel called 'Lanka', 2 new business ideas and an arts foundation called the 'Agni Foundation for the Arts.
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